My Internet is down and I'm about to leave for 4 days...

What the hell do I do?
Virgin is investigating, they plan to check in 2 hours after I need to leave.

Tado is stuck on heating the house and will now default to running the on schedule day and night? It's costing £10 a day without heating all through the night as well.

What can I do? All I can think to stop it is shutting off the boiler? Lowering the flow temp to lowest possible?

If virgin media can't fix the internet remotely, with no input from me whatsoever, this will run uninterrupted till Sunday.

This seems horrendously designed.


  • cbd20
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    @Johnlenham what tado devices do you have? Bear in mind you can still control the devices locally with no internet, so you should be able to turn everything down/ off before you go...
  • johnnyp78
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    What Tado devices do you have? You can turn off the heating manually on an extension kit, wireless receiver or wired thermostat.
  • Johnlenham
    edited January 25
    I have
    Wired thermostat
    5 basic
    2 smart

    Everything I found said I couldn't control them as they act independently? The wired receiver wasn't like the one in the support section as an example.

    So. After delaying leaving in the hopes virgin would fix it, WiFi came back after 2 more hours
    Ok great, well baby is sleeping now so we will go when she's awake.
    2 more hours go by

    We go to leave.
    We get 2 mins up the road
    Set it to away mode.
    Come back to the main page.

    Everything is offline

    We turn around, go in the house.
    WiFi is fine
    Bridge is apparently offline despite being lit up

    Unplug, and power cycle. It's now paired.
    Everything else still offline.
    Nothing works, nothing is pairing.
    I start yanking them out and doing the battery out and back in method, still nothing.
    I'm basically getting furious at this point and shove them back on and turn to off on every one of them and storm out.

    I am absolutely DONE with Tado
    This is ontop of the basic ones just deciding to disconnect and fail to repair, false battery flat emails on basic ones a month old, window detection on a bathroom with no windows.

    I've spent like £250 on valves and all this had done is drive me mental.

    I can only hope the away setting kicked in before it shat the bed and I'll deal with a cold house in a few days
  • johnnyp78
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    If you have a wired thermostat you should just be able to turn the temperature down on it and leave it. It will remain in the last state until the wifi is restored.

    No need to touch any of the trvs as they won’t do anything without receiving a signal from the bridge.
  • The "reliability" of Tado is something to be marvelled at.......what a shambles.