Can Tado work alongside an underfloor heating system?

Hi, I'm considering buying a Tado Home Bundle - Wireless Starter Kit + 4 smart TRVs (great offer at Costco at the moment).

I currently have a two zone heating arrangement in my house, namely an under-floor system on the ground floor, and conventional radiators on the upper floor, all operated by a Horstmann H37XL Three Channel Heating & Hot Water Programmer (I have a 'megaflow' hot water tank).

My question is whether I could incorporate the Tado system so that it 'takes over' the operation of the radiators on the upper whilst continuing to use my existing Programmer for the downstairs underfloor heating and hot water?

If this is possible, how easy would it be to do myself? I have done basic domestic wiring in the past so am confident and reasonably knowledgeable. The question is more about how would the new Tado Starter Kit (V3+) be wired in 'alongside' or in parallel with my existing Horstmann Programmer?

Any thoughts or suggestions greatly welcome.