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Variable fan speed in thermostatic mode

I was trying to setup my Tado Smart AC Control V3+ in Thermostatic mode, following the recommendations how to train the control, ie "low fan speed" in heating mode. Primarily I'm using my AC in heating mode. My house has a lot of open space which allows me to put the controller in an adjacent room to where the AC is installed and still be able to send the signals. My idea was that the controller then would be better at controlling the overall temp. As it seems though, the controller will not use the different fan speeds to "push the heat" out in but rather just trying to reach the desired level by increasing the heating level and keep the fan speed unadjusted. I know from operating the AC with the manual remote that I can achieve a balanced climate by working with both temp and fan speed. Now to my questions:

  1. Will the thermostatic mode use different fan speed rather than just raising the heating level to achieve goal setting?
  2. If I train the control using "Auto" instead of "low fan speed", will that work as the AC then will use variable fan speed?
  3. Are there any technical or other limitations for the control to use both temp and fan speed?

Many thanks in advance!


  • Hello CaptainCortado,

    The Thermostatic Control only allows one fan speed (the one you record in the setup). If you record the Auto setting we can't know how will your AC react, as this setting behaviour varies from one AC to another. For some models it may not even accepted when you try to record it.

    The thermostatic control has this limitation as it needs an steady influx to control temperature. You can still change the speed using your remote (but will defeat the purpose of the thermostatic control).

    Feel free to suggest this as a development in the Suggestion, Ideas and Improvements section, so other customers can also vote for it if they are interested.



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