Disconnected while away


Was away on holiday, checked the thermostat temperature only to find it had disconnected, made contact with Tado to find out remote pairing could not be done. Stopped the holiday, got home and paired devices in seconds, the frustrations behind this happening was the comments from Tado on possible cause one was to make sure the bridge is not behind the router and it should be in an upright position, if only Tado would supply a decent length of power cable and Ethernet cable to give you more flexibility to do what they say will improve the performance, needless to say we purchased new longer leads to have the flexibility to put the bridge in a improved position, only a matter of time now to see if this was the real reason or just a fault with the device.


  • Ksobier
    Today my bridge disconnected from the network when I was at work.
    When I came back home restarted it but it still didn't connect. I found out that network cable was not latched. After I pushed it in with click it started connecting and within 5-10 minutes all the devices were connected. Tbh I moved bridge a bit but this wouldn't remove cable from socket so it must have been unlatched since I installed system some 5 months ago.