Timed Boost Function with a physical button


Hi All, would it be possible with a firmware update to setup the button on the thermostat to act as a boost button also. Its more for the older generation who find navigating mobile phones a pain. I have been looking into using a smart switch and IFTTT to try and mimic this boost function but can not. Although I have got a button on my phone screen which gives me this function using IFTTT. Would be great if someone has got this to work. (Smart Life - Tapo etc.)


Ian E

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  • Sorry everyone might not have made my thoughts very clear the firat time. Basically would it be possible to alter the function of the button on the front of the Wireless Temperature Sensor to give a boost function which could be setup inside the app. Example - a "3 second hold" would put heating on for 1hr upto 22° then automatically revert to schedule. Hope this is more understandable.

    Thanks again

    Ian E
  • Everything is possible, but I don’t expect Tado will do it.

    It could be done using a physical device and some automation software. You’d use the Tado API.

  • Thanks Montage, sounds interesting not up with the API stuff so will start investigating it now. Do you have any links that would be useful to get any sort of understanding? 👍🏻👍🏻

  • This covers the API. https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/02/tado-api-guide-updated-for-2019/ You’d fire up something like Postman and give it a try.

    You’d probably need to look at Home Assistant if that’s more your thing. I use Node-RED, so there’s another option.

  • Thanks Montage will start looking into it now 👍🏻👍🏻