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Smart Thermostat installed after the Smart Radiator Thermostats

edited October 2019 in Getting started

I installed radiator thermostats and used them under control of my original room thermostat to activate the boiler.

I have now replaced that with a Tado Smart Thermostat and wired it in and whilst it correctly controls the boiler (calls for heat) when its manual heat is turned up none of the radiator valves work through it to call for heat from the boiler! So what have I got set wrong please?


  • Hello dcp,

    By adding the Smart Thermostat to a home where Smart Radiator Thermostats were installed before it will not change the configuration of the system to start working through it automatically. The normal installation process of the additional Smart Thermostat will send you an email requesting further information so we can configure it correctly.

    If the device is just paired without initiating the installation process, you can also contact our support to explain you need this configuration to be applied.



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