EBUS - Vaillant/Glow-worm boilers


Can anyone provide me with a definite answer on where TADO are with support for EBUS on Vaillant Group Boilers?

  1. Can TADO be connected via EBUS?
  2. Can TADO be used on systems via Vaillant Group Smart Wiring?
  3. Do TADO EBUS connections have an impact on Boiler Guarantees?

Thank you.



  • Hello,

    1. Yes, via a VR65 wiring centre if you have a hot water cylinder or directly if it's a combi boiler. I have it and it works fine.
    2. I've never heard of "Vaillant Group Smart Wiring" and google does not return anything when I search for it.
    3. I would ask Vaillant themselves but its just low voltage controls, not an illegal modification and no non-Vaillant components would be inside the boiler, just two wires. Vaillant are well aware Tado an talk to their boilers.

    The opentherm module in the UK invalidates Vaillant guarantees because, although it's a Vaillant product, it's not for the UK market.

  • I have a Gloworm Capriz 2 24C. I had to buy the EU version of the wireless receiver for e.BUS control. Using Vaillant e.BUS (D07) but hot water control doesnt work. Everything else works as normal.