2 heating zones?

Can I add a 2nd extension kit receiver to my starter kit to give me contol over a 2nd hearing zone?

Originally, I have 2 Salus RT520RF room stats controlling 2 heating zones ( combination boiler ) via 2 x 2 port zone valves. All working perfectly but I wish to upgrade to a more flexible SMART system.

I have read many posts here and it appears that as standard, this cannot be done out of the box.

I have also read 1 post that after the customer contacted the Tech guys, they managed to set up the second extension kit on 1 account using 1 internet bridge.

Any info about this out there....


  • hi, I have 2x Tado devices.. 1x wired and 1x wifi and everything works well.

    You need 1x Bridge, 1x account. tado tech support can your house based on the bridge, so 1x bridge=1 house

  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    The usual set up for two heating zones is one wireless receiver controlling one heating zone valve (and possibly hot water) and one smart thermostat wired to the other zone valve.