“Saved Schedules” Idea


I have seen some posts about shift workers. To echo these. The way of editing schedules is very fiddly and time consuming, especially when you have a different shift pattern each week.

It would be more beneficial to have “saved bank” of specific days and specific weeks you work, and you can quickly copy them into rooms. Rather than each week having to manually edit them each time.

I’ve seen no communication from Tado about this. But the whole point of the system is efficient heating control. Where the app is currently set to work for only those who work a set routine each week without variation.

It was a move in the right direction to copy and paste, but we shift workers really need a saved list of days/weeks to quickly assign.

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  • johnnyp78
    Being a shift worker myself I totally agree with this. It works reasonably well setting an away schedule that isn’t too far removed from the home schedule so the house doesn’t take too long to warm up when I’m home, but there could well be some efficiency savings made in having a more flexible schedule option.
  • Sadly, designers seem to lack vision. Indeed, they tend to simply 'digitise' things instead, just replicating what has been done before - even to the extent of including constraints that no longer apply - without taking advantage of what could be done with newer techniques. Having said that, tado is not all that bad...

    When I specified a controller, back in the 1980's, I recognised the need to follow shifts and also that not all shifts would follow a seven day cycle. What is required is a simple way to develop (user-named) schedules off-line and upload them to tado. You could then store as many as you liked off-line but should be able to have at least two available to choose from at any time per device (three, or even four, would be much better). One difficulty that would arise is that, when switching from one schedule to another, you may need to specify which day of a schedule you want to start from (it may not always be the first day).

    Yes, we already have a choice of schedule: Away/Daily/2+5/1x7. You could describe that as four per device, but the 'rub' is that there is no facility to upload them and the assumption has been made that everyone adheres to a seven day cycle(!) If we could upload a schedule (and name it for easy identification) we could use whatever application we prefer to develop one and be able to see these 'side-by-side' to compare or copy. We should also be able to state a future time at which to change schedules. With that, we could not need to use Geofencing. We could even set the system to work for a planned absence without the need for remote access.

    If tado read this and would like to know more details of my ideas, I'd be happy to assist and develop a solution within their architecture!

  • PegasusPJ
    I was expecting a lot more flexibility.

    I would want to have saved house schedules you can easily paste.

    There are days I work from home and days I don't, so that changes the needed schedule from the office room as well as bedroom. And those days are not always the same

    In parallel, my OH sometimes works away (no need for living room to be on) or stays home (then it does whether I'm on or not), without fixed days.

    So I would want to have presaved (in the app for.example), and then can just select what is relevant that day/week:
    - we are both at home
    - only I'm at home
    - only he's at home
    - neither at home (away does not work that before we are actually out)

    And each of those scheduled covering all rooms different schedules (or just some specific ones)

    This is not that difficult to program surely!