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Tado controlling hot water but not heating - Easicom 24 boiler

I've recently installed a Tado system on my Glow-worm Easicom 24 boiler.

I am now able to control the hot water via the thermostat and the app (e.g. turn it off, or adjust temperature).

However, the heating never turns on regardless what temperature is set on the thermostat. I've tried switching it to very high, and waiting for 5-10 mins, but the boiler never turns on.

I've tried setting the boiler's existing timer contol to different settings - e.g. always on, timed with the time switches on, and off. None work.

I followed the Tado instructions very carefully, but I was wondering if anyone has any additional suggestions for wiring that might help fix this? E.g. is there anything you need to do to override the existing timer?

Any help appreciated


  • Hello eddr,

    Please consult our support about reviewing your installation instructions.

    Best regards,


  • Hi eddr, I've got your same boiler model but I seem to have the opposite problem: my boiler now never turns off no matter if the temperature detected by the tado thermostat is reached. I've been emailing tado support for instructions but so far they are not being very helpful.

    Did you install an extension kit?

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