Room view: change from tiles to list

I have several rooms, and floors, and I find since the early days that the tile view is quite confusing. I always waste time in finding a specific room. There is a lot of screen space wasted, so I must each time scroll down. On top of that the colour codes and why and how a tile would change colour remains unclear to me after years of use.. ;(

would it be possible to get an optional « list » view with the good old fashioned iOS style list (like in iOS Settings)
With neat design (not too many colours), temperature of the room, icon of currently heating… and grouping in customisable sections (that can be floors, or room types…)

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  • Same for Android too please for the same reasons
  • I find it a nuisance switching from landscape view (for the historical temperature charts) to the portrait/upright format of other screens. It would be nice for the app to sense which way the device is being held and format screens accordingly (- or, maybe, that's asking a bit much ?-).

    By "tiles" I assume you mean the "squares" on the home screen? I'm sure you know these can be reordered, but you will only see (the whole of) six of them at a time. As for their colours, it seems to be some function of current temperature and demand. It would be useful to have some kind of guide/legend for these, and also for those along the base of the temperature charts.

    Someone's put time and effort to provide information and function into the app but the user seems left to have to discover what they all are.