[Bug] Getting invited to another home locks you out of your own


I bought a Tado for my mother, to control a flat with rented rooms. She is never home, and constantly asking me what's going on. So I figured, hey, even if I don't live there, let me join your house so I can check myself.

Who could have figured that this would lock me out of my own home!

Even worse, trying to "get out" of her home, I almost deleted it (actually it's the only way) locking her out of it too...ç

In summary, beyond the lack of an obvious feature, which plenty has been said already, the whole thing about users and homes is ill-designed and almost caused me several headaches. Fortunately, I'm computer literate enough to figure out a solution. I'm sure many people do not have the same luck.

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  • Awabar
    Come on Tado listen and do something about this - it isn’t difficult to alter the app to accommodate people with multiple homes
  • GrayDav4276


    Unfortunately I don't think that tado° are monitoring the Community Forum posts anymore......there has been no response from tado° employees for many months.......it appears that they don't waste their time concerning themselves with any comments/questions/complaints from their customers now.