Electrics keep tripping

Plumber came to fit a new boiler - replaced conventional with system. Took away honeywell thermostat and British gas control board. Sadly I don't have any photos of the original setup. Fitted the v3 kit plus wireless connector.
Plumber has written the following;
Rcd (lhs) circuit trips when earth connection is made to the boiler. When boiler connected rcd (rhs) no electrical problem on this side of board. Heating and hot water working correctly. No new cables installed between airing cupboard and boiler.

I have photos of the new if it's possible to share later.

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    Excessive earth leakage is tripping the RCD. With central heating systems it is usually caused by water making contact with the electrics. Often happens with old circulation pumps when water seeps into the electric motor. Could be water leaking inside the boiler, but I'd hope that wouldn't happen with a new boiler.

    Earth leakage is cumulative so you may have other appliances at fault, but connecting the boiler takes the total leakage over the threshold. Washing machines, cookers and dishwashers are common culprits. You'll likely need an electrician to isolate the source of the problem. Have you tried unplugging appliances before switching the boiler circuit on?


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    Strongly suspect that the plumber has not connected the boiler and Tado devices correctly.
  • Thanks for your reply... job for an electrician?
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    Have you got one that you have any faith in ?? 🤔