Fix the geofencing functions that I pay for


I paid Tado so that my heating would use geofencing, well it does not. When contacted Tado say there is an issue but have not provided a resolution.

First it was my partners phone that would not be picked up, so we changed the phone as there was another app with another issue. Her phone now works, but I don't see why her previous one does not.

Today, my phone reports as being home when we are many miles away. My phone has always worked, now we are back into the nightmare.

Could Tado as an "upgrade" make sure they are delivering what they have specifically charged us for? Because this costs even more money, having paid for the clever stuff a price that equates to 2 weeks of Gas, we are also spending more on gas to heat an empty home! so no, tado is not saving a penny but costing more. For free I could turn the damn thing off when I go out!

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  • Mike_Heynes

    I’ve just returned from holiday which caused our phones to be out of wifi and mobile contact for considerable time. Three days in to the holiday I aquired a wifi signal and checked that Tado was behaving itself and to my dismay the software had failed to register that both of our phones were about 2000 miles away and the heating was still on and costing me. The annoying thing is that it would have sensed that we had left the house whilst on the way to and at the airport, so why the hell did the software suddenly decide we must be at home as soon as our phone signal was lost. This is a fundamental error in the logic of the software and is in my opinion quite pathetic.

  • I fixed my recent Geofencing issues by uninstalling and reinstalling the tado app.

    Although I'm glad that fixed the problem, I shouldn't have to bother with that (after every update?), Especially as I'm paying for that service...
  • BridgeSide

    I find the geofencing OK for lowering my heating when I'm away but I have always resumed the schedules well before returning because it seemed to be expecting a bit much for it to warm the house up from when I'm only a short distance away.

  • wateroakley

    We routinely use the geo-fencing feature with apple devices. Turn off (away) as we leave home and turn on (home) about an hour before we expect to arrive home. If we forget to turn on, the app pings a notification on SWMBOs watch as we near home.