Send start/stop request for pump floor heating


I know there is an (unsuported) API. Where you can check for temperature changes every 5 minutes. In my opinion, the long interval (5 minutes) makes the API useless.

I am looking to control the pump of the floor heating. At the moment I do this with a termperatuur sensor on the heating-pipe (towards the floor heating). However, this has the consequence that the pump does not start and stop immediately. Since the temperature must first come within a certain temperature range. This consumes unnecessary energy.

It would therefore help if a radiator control can send a (local) request (URI) at the start and end of heat demand. This can limit the number of requests.

All it would take is to create two fields where a Start and Stop URI can be provided. Then send a request when the heating demand changes

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  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    That will never happen. I’d look for a non-Tado solution.