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For OpenTherm connections system should pass over the boiler properties and failures

I am occasionally getting 2: Low water pressure errors presented on my boiler LCD (which also means no hot water or underfloor heating for me) and TADO app never shows there is failure with boiler or no heating / water

Looking at OpenTherm protocol I see it has codes for Control and Status Information

0: Service request

1: Lockout-reset

2: Low water press

3: Gas/flame fault

4: Air press fault

5: Water over-temp

And also many very useful Sensor and Informational Data

Water pressure of the boiler CH circuit (bar)

Water flow rate through the DHW circuit (l/min)

Current sensed room temperature (°C)

Flow water temperature from boiler (°C)

Domestic hot water temperature (°C)

Outside air temperature (°C)

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