Can I take my central thermostat out of the equation?

Hello, I don’t have a great understanding of how heating systems work but I’ll try my best to explain the context and question.

Before tado, we started with a new vallaint boiler and a salus central thermostat + boiler control.

We started by installing tado SRVs on most radiators and they worked great, except that the boiler was still taking the command from salus and overriding tado. We loved the scheduling and being able to control each room individually but we could only do that by setting the central thermostat to something so high it could never reach so it wouldn’t turn the boiler off prematurely and the radiators were hot or cold depending on tado. Problem was that the boiler was often on when it didn’t need to be.

We then installed the wireless receiver and central thermostat + bridge so tado would control the boiler but it never received a good signal and more often than not it would turn the boiler off when it was meant to be on.

So it feels like the best solution here would be to have no central thermostat and have the boiler only come on if a radiator valve is opened by tado.

Is my thinking here correct and if so, is the solution as simple as removing the salus boiler control and thermostat?



  • I believe the boiler thermostat needs to be removed from the equation either by removing the wiring link to it at the boiler, or physically removing the stat, but the wiring at the stat position probably needs to be adjusted somehow. (Tadó Customer Support)? As to your poor signal, I had a similar problem, so I bought a couple of TP-Link Powerline adapters to enable the bridge to be closer to the wireless receiver, so works fine now. Hope this helps!
  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    Do you have hot water control? If you do, I believe you must have a smart thermostat in the system.

    However, you could bridge the wires that the smart thermostat controls and have the wireless receiver set as the zone controller for the smart thermostat. By doing that, the smart thermostat would be wireless and could sit anywhere you like out of sight

  • @davidlyall we don’t have any hot water control external to the boiler, not before tado either. Does that mean I’m ok to remove the smart thermostat and wireless receiver? We don’t need it for anything else as each room only has one radiator and every radiator has a Smart TRV (SRV?) - So really I’m hoping that the valve on each radiator will open or close based on the temperature measured and the schedule set in the app, and when a valve is open, the boiler turns on, but if all valves are closed, the boiler turns off?
  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭
    Yes, sounds like you're safe to remove the smart thermostat but you'll still need the wireless receiver as it will be the zone controller for the TRVs and will turn on the boiler when a room demands heat