How to remove an unfinished installation ?

Hi tado

In my todo account, I have an unfinished installation of a tado Smart Thermostat. This device is not in use anymore, and I don't have access to it anymore. I want to delete it, but this seems not possible, the "three dots menu" shows only "Help Center", and does not show a "remove Device" .

@ tado support, can you guys delete the Smart Thermostat RU2090995200 from my account?

Thanks, Mack


  • Hello Mackeroni,

    The Thermostat can be removed by our support only with a request from the mail of the account.

    Otherwise you'd need to Delete Home to remove both account and thermostat.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    what is email to send request for ? I would like to delete one smart thermostat

    Best Regards,