Cannot use Lithium rechargeable batteries

Dear Tado ,

Why, with today’s environmental concerns, are we still using only alkaline batteries for your products.

Why can we not use Lithium rechargeable, with strict guidelines on voltage etc. It is a nonsense to continue filling landfills with batteries every 6-12 months. Your product is the only one in our entire household with this restriction.

Obviously I would not have supported this great product if I had known.

Sorry folks.


  • Hello ChezStevens_!3,

    We are looking forward to it, but unfortunately the rechargeable batteries can't provide a voltage high and steady enought to relay on the motor to move and the response of the device to be as expected (eg. when we push a firmware update). For this reason at the moment we can't recommend to use rechargeable batteries.

    You may find some customers' experience with them here, they know about the limitation and are still using them



  • Vertigo
    Vertigo ✭✭✭

    The irony is that NiMH batteries actually provide higher currents than alkaline batteries, so they should be better suited to the purpose if the system was designed to work at a lower voltage (or higher voltage and take 3 batteries). I hope a future version is designed with this in mind, ideally even using 18650 batteries and a USB plug to charge (or power).

  • What about Lithium Ion? They sustain a full 1.5v rating throughout use. It's there a limitation to using these?
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