Night mode/motor noise reduction


It is really great device for every room.... except bedroom.

As you can see - last night staring with 0:00 until 08:00 thermostat adjusted more than 30 times using its motor - during just one night. Close to morning when it does this it wakes me up hours before alarm goes on.

I came up with a possible solution after thinking about it for 10 minutes, surely devs can also if they tried, couple of ways they could do it (depends if their hardware supports it, but there is at least one solution where hardware supports it):

add bedroom night mode where motor is adjusting slower (spinning very slow)

add possibility of locking motor position for night and being able to adjust motor position from 0-100% instead of adjusting temperature - this would solve couple of issues, it would also allow to open valve during summer month if no heating is present in the heating system. Currently you would have to remove the valve completely for summer month. If you could control the motor instead of temperature it would solve the only issues I have with this device.

another - easy solution would be as I already see that the device has 4 levels of heating: no heat, low heat, medium heat, high heat - just let me lock on one of those modes, like for example lock the device in low heat mode - this would be easy to implement, no change to hardware needed, everything is already there.

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  • roby_lv

    more thinking gave me couple more ideas:

    during night mode set maximum allowed heating mode for example let it to go: off and low heating only (and not allow it medium,high modes), that would decrease times motor kicks in.

    freeze motor option - stop motor in the position it currently is in and stop turning on with app function until the mode is cancelled.

    currently app and the device allows controlling temperature in the room, but no options to control the motor itself.

  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    Suggestions in here don’t normally get implemented. See if some other make suits your particular needs.