What connects to what ?


does anyone know how tado connects to each other tado device inside the house?

Do they all connect to the Internet Bridge ?

Do they connect to the extension kit ?

Do they connect to the Wireless Thermostat?

They are certainly not using any form of mesh.

It would be ideal if we knew, so we could potentially troubleshoot.

I ask because online tado is saying my extension kit is connected, which is highly unlikely, as there is no power to it! So this leads me to believe there is something not right with the app / online information we see.


  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    They all connect to the bridge.

    When I bought mine, their website did mention mesh technology but that has never been implemented despite being supported by the 6LoWPAN protocol that they use

  • With a limitation of 7 devices per room and 10 rooms per zone controller, it makes me think the system communication is not simply a case of all devices connecting to the bridge. The bridge can handle 25 devices in total, but limiting how many devices are used in some scenarios could be due to other paths of communication.

  • One of my issues is, the Wireless Smart Controller is supposed to work if there is no Internet service, so does that mean it connects to the extension kit and not the bridge or both ?

    I have had a major issue the past few days and the app and the web site were saying my extension kit was online, when there was no power to it ! But then when the led was in a state of apparent pairing, the staus online and app was connected. so was it connected to the Smart Thrmo and then they ARE using mesh and thats getting connectivity to the bridge ?

    So doing a frequency scan (yes that geeky), there is 868mhz in use, but NOT from the Wireless Smart Thermostat.

    I was trying to diagnose, was it a faulty bridge or something else. After analysing the network traffic from the bridge to tado, i could see the bridge sending traffic, but nothing coming back from tado (in their AWS environment). so I think they were having issues.

  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    If Tado used mesh, people in large houses with lots of devices wouldn’t have connection issues. As far as I know the device limitations and room limitations are because of Tado’s software.