Worcester CDi compact RF panel

My boiler has a Comfort RF2 fitted from installation
I am OK with the wiring side of TADO but I can't disconnect the Comfort RF panel as I don't know how to access the ribbon cable plug. I don't seem to be able to remove the Comfort RF, maybe the TADO can't be used with this type of boiler?


  • GazzaH
    edited April 23

    Hello, to remove the reciever, the boiler's room-sealed front may need to be removed for access which is also the combustion seal so only a Gas Safe registered person who holds the Combustion analyser qualification and a calibrated combustion analyser can do the work and subsequent safety checks as, although it's just a little electrical job to unplug it, disturbing the case seal counts as 'gas work' and then requires a series of specific safety checks afterwards.

    There is a blanking plate spare part which can be fitted in place of the receiver. It's not good practice just to leave the front of the boiler with the plug-in terminals exposed after removing the receiver.

    Why don't you get a Gas Engineer to do a service and while they're at it, see if they'll fit the plate supplied by you?

    You may already have this plate by the way (as it likely came with the boiler) which might have been left in the bag with your paperwork and magnetic filter lid tool or on top of the boiler? It's a white rectangle the same size as the RF receiver.