Stop linking the password reset back to the App


If I need to change password, or have forgotten my password, the password e mail automatically links back to the app. The app then does not allow for a password reset. So you can only ask for a reset, get the link, go back to the app. The result is that you go around in circles and can’t log in or reset your password! The only way I managed to resolve this was to log in on a pc that did not link the app.

can the app be unlinked so that using the website on a tablet or phone can be achieved without automatically opening the app?

If I didn’t have access to app I would have been stuck in a loop that I couldn’t get out of: frustrating!

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  • GrilledCheese2

    This is a feature of your phone/tablet settings - Tado cannot control how the link is opened. At least with iOS you can long press on a link and you get a pop-up menu to choose app or browser.

  • what_a_tado

    As @GrilledCheese2 has said, the behaviour is due to how it has been set up on your phone.

    If you have an android phone you can unlink the app as follows:

    Go into Settings then select Apps & Notifications

    Select See all apps then select tado

    Select Advanced then Open by default then Open supported links

    Select either Ask every time or Don't open in this app