App display bug

I have two radiators in lounge that have linked tado smart valves. Recently, I found that one of the radiators was not getting warm. Investigation showed that the return spring on the valve pin had failed and the valve was stuck down. Because I couldn't get around to depressurising the system to swop out the valve, I decided I would just remove the SRV and switch it off, relying on the linked valve to control the room temperature until I could. However this revealed a flaw in the app. The front page of the app showed that the lounge was 'offline' even though the other valve wasn't. Fair enough, but clicking through said the same thing with no ability to see or change the temperature even though the working valve was the controller. It
did seem to follow the schedule though. In my view, it should show that a valve is offline but if it is linked to another, it shouldn't prevent the operation of the other valve.
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