Rads turning on above min temp in away mode

This year my tado is behaving differently. Min temp is set to 13 on every TRV, ambient temp is 14.6, in away mode, pre-heat is off, geo-fencing is off. Heating comes on for a few mins every morning to shoot the temp up to around 20 in each room. It comes on at the time my home schedule is supposed to start. After it’s done this, it turns the rads off again and behaves normally. So, basically, tado is ignoring the min temp for a few mins each morning. It does this whether I’m physically at home or not. Really hoping it doesn’t do this into the summer. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭

    Have you had a recent App update ??🤔 It's quite common for an App update to cause unexpected faulty operation of previously working features.