issue with temperature control


Hi All

I had enough of the tado technical support guys, very robotic and unhelpful so hoping I get better luck here!

when i bought tado I got the 1x smart thermostat 3x smart radiator valves, the setup was straight forward and all worked well but the smart thermostat needed a battery change every 2 weeks, after going through the support process they concluded it was faulty so sent a replacement.

from there I followed the usual instructions of removing the device and I added the new device but ever since then neither the radiators nor the boiler turns off and the temp keeps getting higher and higher which is annoying..

after a lengthy pointless chat with the support team i was told its to do with zone assignment, i asked where that can be adjusted but my question was ignored, then the tech guy said he assigned them all to the thermostat and I should wait 15 minutes before I see any changes, an hour later and the room still goes up.

now he is saying I should remove the valve batteries and restart 😑

is anyone else having those issues with Tado ? this was meant to be one of the best system yet my old analogue thermostat and mechanical thermostatic valves were way more reliable ! I got those mainly so I can control when they come on and off but its been nothing but faulty hardware and buggy software 😓 and unhelpful support.