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Installation for 2 floors


Hello good morning.

I would like to ask you about the necessary configuration to cover the needs of my house.

I live in a two-story house, each floor has its independent heating circuit and is controlled by a solenoid valve per floor located in the boiler room.

On each floor there is a wireless thermostat receiver that is managed by a wireless thermostat. Each receiver receives a pair of cables/wires to act as a relay (ON/OFF) of the circuit of each floor.

I would like to keep this configuration and my system is not modulating I just need to make a relay.

Looking at the Tado devices, I think that I could install two wireless receivers in relay function for each floor (in the wireless receiver manual it includes this relay option).

I Attach screenshot of the manual...

I would then pair each wireless receiver with its wireless thermostat and all 4 devices would be managed by a single bridge and a single app session.

I Attach diagram...

My doubts arise because I seem to have understood/read that having two wireless receivers within the same installation may not work correctly or appear incorrectly in the app.

Can I carry out this configuration that I propose or will it give me some kind of problem?

Greetings and thank you


Best Answers

  • Montage
    Answer ✓

    One wireless receiver and stat, second stat wired.

    Quick search for '2 zone' will bring up suggestions.

  • Yago_MC
    Answer ✓

    Thanks for the reply Montage. So, the Tado system doesn't work for me and I will have to return all the devices that I had bought.