Wiring question

I’m setting up new wiring for my system after replacing my water tank, pipe work and electrics. I still have the same boiler. I’m getting stuck with the setting up and wiring unfortunately.

The boiler and pump were previously wired separately but I see that there is only one place for boiler now. Should I require to wire my pump from the actual boiler now in order for this to work?

When wiring the receiving unit up where do the earth wires go?

Should I have a separate wiring centre or programmer involved too?

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  • wateroakley
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    @SandwickHills It would help to know the make/model of your boiler and the old controls, as well as the new Tado units you are using. In principle, I prefer a wiring centre that has identified connections; basic choc block units usually result in a rats nest of wires with no labels. Tado is your new programmer and room stat.

  • SandwickHills
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    @wateroakley thank you for your reply.

    I have an old (very) Worcester HPJB.19000 boiler. The system that the previous owner had in place was very different as it just was a switch on the wall start and stop the boiler with no programmer/timer etc. As this was very inefficient I am trying to change this for the better.

    I have the Tado starter kit V3 and Tado radiator TRVs. I also have purchased a Wago 227-4301 wiring centre. So am I right in thinking I still keep the wiring centre and the also join in the Tado receiver/programmer unit to that? I have a Grundfoss pump UPS3 15-50/65. The system is set up in S-plan with two zone valves.

    I would also assume that the boiler and pump then wire up through that and both switch on at the same time. I see that some boilers/pumps have run on to keep the pump going after the boiler stops to move the residual heat?
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    @SandwickHills Good idea to keep the wiring centre and wire everything into that, including the Tado wireless receiver. Replacing the S-Plan 'time controller' (switch?) and 'room stat', with a Tado wireless receiver and keeping the 'cylinder stat' ... you'll need to look carefully at the S-Plan Controller/Roomstat/Cylinderstat wiring; adjusting/linking as necessary to follow the logic.

    Sorry, I can't find your boiler or instructions online? So can't comment on boiler over-run. I assume you have a 'bypass' somewhere, either in the boiler, external, or a rad without a TRV?

  • Thank you for your help @wateroakley

    I will replace each thing from the wiring centre as you have suggested.

    Yes I have a bypass rad without a TRV. Not sure what will happen re over-run but should be ok.