Is TADO compatible with these valves?

i am looking to change my valves and would like to know if these valves (pictures attached) can be replaced by TADO TRVs?


  • davidlyall
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    From the pictures, it looks like they both have the large threaded connection to the valve body. Probably worth taking them off and measuring the thread diameter. I think it needs to be 32mm but can't check just now

    Might be on the tado site
  • wateroakley
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    @olufemig Top piccie looks like an ecocal. Yes, we have four in use with Tado TRvs. No adapter needed

    Lower piccie looks like a Drayton TRV4. Yes, we have several in use. No adapter needed.

    Note 1: I've come across one older Drayton TRV valve that needed an adapter. Note 2: Before fitting the Tado TRV, always check that the valve pin is not seized, by pushing the pin down.

  • thanks for the feedback.. if it is seized what can i do to sort it out?

  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    The valve pin will usually stick 'open'. Get out your favourite slotted screwdriver with a wide blade at the end. Using the flat side of the blade of the screwdriver, at 90 degrees to the valve pin; push down with your digit (thumb) on the screwdriver blade, onto the pin. The valve pin should move downwards easily and return upwards when you release. Take care in case the rad brackets are loose and pushing down moves the rad down instead of the pin.