Wired or wireless

I can't work out if my current system needs wireless or wired products. This must be a common issue. I have a new vaillant system boiler, a honeywell wired control/timer box, and one one honeywell wired thermostat. Radiators have drayton TRV's.

I have just built a new large kitchen extension, and we spend most time there. It has a wet undefloor system. There are 4 zones within the same room. No controls have been fitted yet, so when the timer for heating is on, the underfloor is on - regardless of the thermostat setting (in the hall).

I'm all at sea and would appreciate some help! I'm not too bothered with control over the radiators, they work fine with the trv's and I'm quite happy plodding round to adjust them. It's linking the central heating and water with the new underfloor that I'm struggling with. I'm thinking that the 4 zones of the new kitchen maybe a problem. The idea is that if its not cold, we use just one or two zones, and all four if its very cold.