Heating is off but it is actually 24/7 on?

We got a massive gas bill this morning. Apparently there is an error with the thermostat knob in the bathroom when we look in the app. There is no error to be seen thermostat knob itself so we don’t know which code (E1/2/4?)

The problem seems to be:
Everything is turned off, but it is apparently still 24/7 heating the bathroom up to 21 degrees Celsius for over a week now (and because of having no windows we leave the door open so it also heatened the hallway now).

We just reïnstalled the knob but the temperature doesn’t seem to drop? What the hell is going on, our bills are going through the roof right now!! What can we do? Is the knob broken? The thermostat broken? The gas pipe leak?

Would have been nice if tado has a customer service to chat with instead of this forum. :(


  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    Have you created the bathroom as a room on the app? If so I would set the zone controller for that room to independent so it can’t keep calling for heat until you figure out what’s going on.