Worcester Bosch 4000 System boiler - Will Tado work & which products?

Hi all,

I am new to the Tado community, and have been desperately trying to understand which products we need for a new heating system we are installing next week. I have searched around quite extensively but please forgive me if I have inadvertently missed an answer in another post elsewhere - do redirect me as appropriate. Apols in advance for the length of this post..

Current Status:

We have a 4 bed semi-detached house (3 floors) which we are intended to have re-plumbed as follows:

*Install system boiler (Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 life 24kw), replacing the existing boiler (Atag).

*Remove the water tank (gravity system?) and install a pressurised system.

*Replace the 1x existing wired thermostat (Atag) with a Tado thermostat - we are open to either wired or wireless.

*Install modern dual coil cylinder - the second coil connects to evacuated tube water solar panels (acts completely independently of the main plumbed heating system).

*We have no underfloor heating or AC in the house, and have no current plans to install these.

Key requirements:

Zoning - It's a decently sized house so we are keen to utilise a smart system that can 'zone' the radiators. We have 9 rads across various rooms, and are keen to be able to 'shut down' certain parts of the house at different times. This zoning will be particularly useful to fire the bathroom rad throughout the year to keep towels etc warm, even during warmer months when rest of the system is in 'standby' or ticking over.

Hot water - Must be able to run/programme the hot water.

Modulating - A system that fully operates/communicates with the new Worcester boiler to take advantage of its modulating and other capabilities (opentherm/ebus?)

Smart features - We want to be able to utilise all of the smart features featured with the Tado system

Current view of Tado products required:

*Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

I understand we should purchase either the wired version OR the wireless (EU) version. The latter is the only version that will ensure full modulation and comms to the boiler

*9x smart trvs


Please can someone confirm that the Tado products we intend to purchase will work with the system we are installing, and will enable all of our further requirements, especially hot water programming, modulation and boiler comms? Also, is there a certain model of the Worcester system boiler and/or wider plumbing system that we should mindful of installing before it's too late for compatibility?

I am technically-minded to a point, but certainly not a plumber and the technicalities of zones, basic plumbing and system types do still prove a challenge at times. Can of course field queries back to our plumber and vice versa.

Any help and input very much appreciated!

Thanks so much :)


  • johnnyp78
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    You need the Tado wireless starter kit (uk version) if you want to control heating and hot water. Relay only, you won’t be able to use modulation. You can add Tado trvs as needed.

  • Thanks @johnnyp78, much appreciated. Could you confirm what the ‘relay only’ refers to and why the modulation won’t work please? What could we do to enable this? Cheers
  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
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    You can’t use modulation because of a limitation in Tado’s hardware that allows only for a relay or modulating connection, not both, and the nature of hot water cylinder systems. Hot water cylinders need to be connected via relay (on/off) to open or close the heating/hot water valves. They also need hot water supplied at a higher temperature than a modulating heating system would use.

    There are ways around this like PDHW but they require different plumbing and a compatible hot water cylinder, as well as a plumber who understands how to install it correctly.