How many types of tado room stat are there?


I think that different tado components have registration codes which start with different initial letters and I'm wondering what they mean.

I have two Smart Thermostats. One starts SU... and the other starts RU... and I think there may be others. Does anyone know what these different letters mean?


  • pcone
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    From looking at my installation, the SU... devices are Wireless Temperature Sensors, whereas the RU... devices are Smart Thermostats. Both look the same from the front, but the Thermostats can be wired to control the boiler, whereas the Temperature Sensors don't contain the relays

  • Thanks for that!

    That makes sense...

    (Interesting that the addition of a relay makes them "Smart")

  • davidlyall
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    Good point. I assumed the wireless temp sensor had the same smart functionality as a full smart thermostat.

    Hopefully it does ...
  • johnnyp78
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    It’s exactly the same hardware, just without physical connections so yes, same functionality.