Turning off Heating turns off the Hot Water too?

Our house is warm enough at the moment, isn’t needed but is inclined to stay on beyond reaching temperature, so we decided to turn it off at certain times.

But when we do, the hot water seems to be turned off too? The Tado should only control the hot water, any ideas?


  • briand
    Don’t know what boiler you have. I have combi and only switch on hot water 2x daily. I gave scheduled 2x radiator heating daily and have a min temp off 18. So it is left on 24x7. I must state that my overall consumption has come down since I put in tado.

    So I leave mine on in a monitoring state of base level 18 degrees and heating boost 2x daily with hot water 2x daily.
    I tailor for weekends due to different pattern vs. daily

    Seems that I don’t have to switch off. If I am away I just switch off heating/hot water as required. I find it less work than manually invoking it
  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    @briand , if you have a combi boiler, isn't hot water available whenever you want as the boiler produces it on demand?

    @Awp087, can you provide details of your tado installation including boiler and system type (s plan, y plan, combi etc). Is your tado system using relay or opentherm to control heating / hot water?