iPhone app crashes

I cannot install Tado with iPhone because the app crashes, and won’t even get through login. I ended up setting up the entire system with tablet, but now it means phone app geolocation and away from home functions will not work, nor can I remote turn things on from my phone if I’m on my way home ( or at least I’m guessing that’s what it might allow me to do)

what can I do to have app installed on my iPhone and working?

I have an iPhone 12 mini on ios15.1

i have deleted app and reinstalled with no improvement.


  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    I have an iPhone 12 mini running iOS 16.4 and the app works fine for me. You could try updating your system and see if that makes a difference.
  • Hello, your iPhone must not have had an update in 19 months because iOS 15.1 came out in September 2021.

    Your phone and other apps may not work correctly if not kept reasonably up-to-date. I think it's your phone operating system and not the Tado that's the issue here.

  • glo

    Hmmm in the past when I update my os, the phone runs really slowly and other things break, so I’m always wary of updating - it’s the case of if this works what else breaks? 🤪