Extension kit not pairing - new install

Evening all.

new member with a new install and a small issue.

during the first attempt at installing I messed up with the instructions and basically ended up not being allowed to progress as i needed an engineer to review my configuration. This was an error on my part choosing wrong options.

I had all the kit installed and just needed to pair so I called CS who told me to wait for engineer email. During this time I couldn’t pair the extension kit assuming it was blocked by Tado somehow until engineer contact

I knew the install was good but to be sure, rightly or wrongly I deleted the home and started over.

this time I made correct choices and found my boiler controller and stat correctly. Everything is as it should be... however the extension kit won’t pair.

in tado app the stat and extension kit are showing connected. However. It will not progress in the instructions as ext. kit won’t pair?

would it be “blocked” at tado end and need reset or something?

any help greatly appreciated.... I,m sort of stuck until morning.

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  • Apologies for adding post, can’t seem to edit first one. I’ve been in contact with Tado and they’ve told me it’s connected but downloading firmware update. Surely this doesn’t take 12 hours? Has anyone experienced the same lengthy firmware upgrade?
  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    It's hard to say how long it actually takes. Depends on several factors. If it is possible I'll recommend to put the bridge exact 3 meters from the Extension Kit (to close is also not optimal).

    If it takes to long, mail to Support again and they will push for the firmware update on the back-end.

  • geo24yogeo24yo
    edited November 13
    From yesterday till today at 17.00 it was updating my smart termostat with no huge progress , today I have contacted tado and in 30 min it was an update from version 20 till 54.11. I think it helps to contact tado
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