Summer Mode: Open/close your windows during Summer notifications

It would be great if during Summer you could get notifications to open your windows when the outside temperature is lower than the indoor. And to close your windows when outside is warmer than inside (or predicted to be soon).

This is currently not easy to do with Apple Home automation or Apple Shortcuts so it could be a great feature to justify the thermostat all year round. Hell even put it behind the subscription.

Also summarising some of the other Summer Mode suggestions I have seen:

  • Pause all heating (old thermostats sometimes have a summer mode button that just shuts off the thermostat, sometimes you actually want it to get lower than x degrees inside to 'bank' that cold for when it heats up during the day)
  • Pause home/away notifications
  • Circulate colder water with heat pump systems
  • Some underfloor heating systems can also pump colder water
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