Auto Assist Price Increase

Auto Assist price increased to €3.99 or €29.99. I like to buy this 3 out of the 6 months. More as just a guide. With the price increase. I don’ think I will be bothered.

Auto Assist Price Increase 8 votes

Will you still buy it?
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Buy it less?
25% 2 votes
Always seen it as a waste of money
75% 6 votes


  • royi
    royi ✭✭

    The price in the UK hasn't changed yet. If it does I won't be renewing.

  • eezytiger

    I've had Tado for almost two years. In the first year I paid for an annual service plan. I did not renew and never will. I don't need the automated features and the usage mathematics was highly questionable. I get facts, rather than guesses, from my own supplier and half hourly smart meter data.

    As for the usage by room, it is (or certainly was) complete nonsense. Right now, still being summer in the UK, I have eight independent valves set to 25C. Because they are independent they do not call for heat and the boiler is off. They are set to 25C to keep the valves open through summer. The main zone controller thermostat is set to frost protection, thus keeping the boiler off. Tado maths would (in the past at least) suggest that all eight rooms were calling for 100% heat for 24 hours of every day throughout summer.

    Do I care to find out if they've upped their game in the last twelve months? Not in the least, and especially not as a paid service.