How do I turn hot water on when Internet Fails


Hi our system had been working normally, but after an upgrade to our service we lost access to the Internet.

How specifically do I manually trigger the water to be heated?

All I could do was to set the test mode by pressing the hot water button on the Internet Receiver. This would fire up the boiler for around 60 Seconds but I could not work our how to trigger a manual start.

The good news our Internet is now back and running, but I would like to know how to trigger manual operation in the future.

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  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭
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    Based on the Tado site, you should still be able to turn on HW using the smart thermostat that is set up to control it.

    Press the button on the smart thermostat to show the current temp. when it scrolls to the heat setting, press the button again to show the HW setting then use the up/down buttons to change the setting

    I've not tried it myself but will simulate an outage and give it a go. They bridge will still have to be connected and powered for this to work


  • johnnyp78
    I have tried it and as David says, you should be able to control hw and heating via the smart thermostat.
  • Thanks davidyall, thats what I needed to do.

    It didn't occur to me that the 'room thermostat' would control the Hot Water.