Do I need a radiator valve in a room to enable requesting heat from my boiler ?

Hi, new to Tado and the forum and can't find an answer for this anywhere.
Here's my scenario:
1. Fitting Tado radiator valves to all but one of my radiators.
2. 3 radiators in my main living area will be grouped to one wireless temperature sensor
3. I planned to keep the radiator in my master bathroom on a trv set to maximum. Reason is that I'm quite happy for that radiator to heat whenever any others are and also it will ensure a water flow should another room request heat but it's valve doesn't open. I placed a second wireless sensor in the bathroom. Trouble is that when I set a high temperature, the app says heating but no demand signal sent to the boiler. Am I missing something obvious ?


  • johnnyp78
    Do you have a dual zone heating house? If not and it’s a simple set up make sure the bathroom has a zone controller set. Also Tado is a smart heating system so if it thinks that temperature can be achieved without turning on the boiler it will use ambient/solar heat first.
  • Thanks for answering, maybe it isn't responding "simply" because of its smarts and it is hot outside :)
    I'll test it tomorrow morning when it is a bit cooler.