Issues with pointing to the right controllers

Hi all.

Sorry if this has been asked I’ve been searching all night and lost hope.

I have a wired thermostat that does heating only and an extension kit on the boiler for hot water.

The thermostat should control the heating and it does however the smart radiator adaptors thing the heating controller is the extension. I cannot see the thermostat as an option for controller only the extension.

I’m presuming I’ve set something up wrong. Any ideas what I may have done. Thanks


  • davidlyall
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    edited September 2023

    I'm not 100% sure but think in order to have the smart thermostat as the zone controller, you will need to remove the extension kit as zone controller from all the radiator valves i.e. set them to no zone controller. The smart thermostat should then be available to choose as a zone controller.

    Alternatively, I would suggest making the extension kit the zone controller for the smart thermostat so that it controls the switching of the CH and HW. That's how I have mine set up and it works just fine. If you do this, you can actually bridge the wires going into the smart thermostat as there's no need for them to go through it's relay

    Hope that makes sense

  • Hi thanks for the suggestion.

    Did try making the rads independent however there was still no option for the thermostat.

    Admit option 2 is a bit over my head so may have to get someone to look at it.

    Thanks again :)