Adding smart trv head to room with thermostat

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Hi I have a radiator in my living room with a dumb trv fitted also in this room is my wireless thermostat, will I gain anything changing this trv to a smart trv head ?


  • @Robti From first principles … You’ll probably be best to replace the dumb trv with a Tado trv. Then the heating controls will work in unison.

  • Thanks so no conflict between the two
  • No conflict as they get grouped into the same room with the smart thermostat as the measuring device
  • Thanks davidlyall. I have a smart tstat in my hall and didn't see any point in adding a smart trv to the rad as tstat controls temp directly, So if the tstat is set as measuring device and does not control theboiler, what does controlthe boiler?

  • It depends on your system set up.

    In your original post, you mentioned having a wireless thermostat in your living room. Do you have an extension kit/wireless receiver or a wired themostat somewhere else? Either of those will be the zone controller which will manage the electrical switching to activate the heating.

    If you can provide more detail on what you have installed then it'll be easier to describe how the system will operate

  • Not sure that's a reply to my (catcher) post. Just to recap I have a wired smart t'stat in my hall and can't see the point in having a smart trv on my hall rad. No extension kit or t'stat anywhere else only smart trvs in other rooms.

  • Right. In that case, the wired smart thermostat in your hall will be the zone controller managing the switching of the boiler.
    You'll be able to see that in the app if you look at the device settings

    So, I'd you add a TRV in the living room, it will control the flow of water in the rad but you'd set the wireless stat as the measuring device to get a more accurate temp. The wireless stat and TRV will be linked to the room. The hall thermostat would still be the zone controller managing the actual switching of the heating