Wired and unwired thermostat

It was suggested by tado that I purchased tie wired thermostat to replace my old dial one and to also purchase the wireless thermostat. I've brought and connected them both could somebody explain to me why I needed both surely the boiler will only be run by the wired thermostat? Confused 😕


  • Depends where your wired thermostat is. Usually if it’s in somewhere like the hallway it makes more sense to have a wireless temperature sensor in somewhere like the living room, which is probably what Tado is suggesting.
  • Thanks for your reply I just couldn't get my head round two thermostats controlling one boiler so I presume I put the wireless in the colder part of the house and the boiler will heat up until the set temperature is reached.
  • No the opposite, put it in the part of the house you use the most. If you put it in the coldest part your heating will be coming on all the time.