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In app payments

I'm at my wits end !! TADO radiator system installed during summer. Cos of the weather, heating system not needed. As winter approaches I would like to use the full facilities, which requires a paid annual subscription & I'm happy with. Problem arises when I try to subscribe. I continually get a message : "Error. Transaction was declined". I've tried all my debit/credit cards, I've even changed the password. I still can't get past the message. I've thought about deleting, then re-applying the app but I'm no tech wizz & anxious that all info from system will be lost. Any advice please. TIA.


  • Thanks. Looks as if I'm going to have to do that anyhow, but thanks again
  • wateroakley

    We have never subscribed for 18 months and everything works for us, with some idiosyncrasies. Can’t think of a good reason to pay a subscription.

  • There was an outage yesterday, had same error, signed up now.