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When heating will be triggered?

Just recently installed all system, today first day when it called heat, it called heat when temperature dropped to 0.1 over the set temperature and heated up to 1.5 above set temperature. Is this normal? On Honeywell I could set tolerance range, say start heat if 1 degree below set temperature and stop if 1 degree above, is this something Tado does?

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  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭
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    @MR_MI The system has it's own quirks and room temperatures should settle down. Best to leave it alone and see what happens. Adjust your preferred room temperatures and timings in the app. If the room temperatures are consistently high or low, there is the option to set a temperature offset, or use the (more accurate) wireless room stat.

    It took us three-four months of using 'Tado' (green line from February 2022) to work out what worked well for us. The percentages in the graph are normalised to energy consumption at the same monthly outside temperature (mean CET) 2017-2022. Eighteen months down the line, careful use has resulted in 45% annual savings. The blue line (October-February) was 4 months of daily manual interventions, a major faff for 10%-15% savings.


  • Thanks for this, will keep an eye on it.
  • davidlyall

    It will call for heat above the set point if it sees the temperature dropping. This is to try to stop the big temperature swings that you would see with a dumb thermostat. It will also stop heating before reaching the set point

    You just need to let it learn how the rooms perform and you should see it become better at maintaining the set point

  • MR_MI
    edited September 2023
    So it is learning and will adjust with the time? Just new to all this and so many questions 😄😄😄