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Thermostat head turns on 100% when batteries are drained out


Dear community,

I'm using Smart Thermostat (Heizkörper) with internet bridge, but i want to switch them off during warm season. Also, if i understand correct, tado thermostat heads should turn off (close valve) if batteries discharged.

But recently i had repeated the same situation with 2 thermostats: after discharging the batteries the thermostats shut down, but opening the valve and turning on heating to 100%. This happened in August, the hottest season.

It happened with the following circumstances (considering the hot season):

  • Heating turned off on the thermostats, scheduling disabled
  • Thermostat "Child Lock": enabled (if matters)
  • Internet bridge: switched off

The support mentioned that when the bridge is off, the thermostat heads drain batteries times faster because of constant re-connection attempts, and I must keep internet bridge enabled and devices connected event during summer, which in my opinion doesn't have sense for devices designed and promoted as "energy saving".

I'm pretty confident it should be:

  • ensured that the discharged batteries are not opening valve - turning on heating!
  • possibility to switch off internet bridge for extended period of time (for warm season)
  • possibility to switch off thermostat heads to avoid batteries draining (or at least turn the thermostats to some energy saving mode)
  • the re-connection algorithm should use Exponential backoff strategy (