Can I mix Tado with non-smart thermostats?

I have a boiler with a thermostat doing hot water, then 2 central heating control zones upstairs/downstairs each controlled by a wired thermostat.

I'd like to replace the upstairs loop with a Tado wired thermostat and smart TRVs to get smart control over the upstairs, I don't care about the downstairs.

Can I do just replace the upstairs loop, are there any implications for doing this?

Many thanks.


  • I don’t think that would work. You can’t have a non Tado thermostat controlling the boiler along with a Tado one, the two would clash. It isn’t a problem not having Tado control the hot water though.
  • Thanks for responding, can you elaborate on how they would clash please? My understanding is that a thermostat for a heating zone essentially controls a valve, when it decides the central heating in that zone is needed, it signals the boiler for the value to that zone to open. I was assuming that as long as the signal is generic i.e. a language it can understand, the boiler doesn't care on the brand of thermostat?

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    I don't see an issue with it. If you replace the upstairs wired 'stat with a Tado wired stat and make it the zone controller for all the TRVs you install then it should work. Tado just won't know about the downstairs and if either 'stat requests heat then the boiler will fire as it does now

    You can always decide later to do the same with downstairs and even add a wireless receiver to allow HW control

  • David is right, I was overthinking it.
  • Alternatively, a Tado wireless starter kit and the requisite number of TRVs would give you control over your upstairs zone/rooms and the HW.