How to configure Smart Thermostat as a Zone Controller



Short version: How to do I use the app to setup a Wired Thermostat as a Zone Controller?

In depth version:

I have a Tado V3+ Wired Thermostat controlling a Logic+ Combi2 C30.

It's currently a relay (not opentherm setup).

If I increase the radiator temperature to call for heat, nothing happens.

If I increase the thermostat temperature to call for heat, the boiler fires and the radiator heats.

So I believe it's because the wired thermostat is not set as a zone controller, and the radiators aren't set to use (the non existent) zone controller.

I can't see how to set the wired thermostat as a zone controller though.

Is there a way to do it through the app? Or have I not installed the smart thermostat correctly (and I need to reconfigure it)?




  • Fixed now.

    I must've configured it wrongly.

    I removed the device, re-added it and it all works fine now.