Do Tado smart TRV's basic version do 'call for heat'? Some other queries too!

Hello, I've searched other threads and gone though reviews on Amazon, Screwfix and other places.

  • I gather that the Tado basic TRV's do everything that the more expensive ones do except have the air/humidity skill? They also can only be turned up and down in a limited scale by hand on the actual TRV but fully on the app. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Somewhere, I read in a review that the basic Tado valves do not have the 'call for heat' function. Is this correct or was that person mistaken? Can anyone confirm that Tado basic smart TRV's have the capability to 'call for heat', ignoring the main thermostat?

  • Can I have some Tado smart TRV's in some rooms call for heat but others not operate by call for heat, ie. maybe have bedrooms operate as a timed TRV but only when the main thermostat is operating the boiler but occupied rooms call for heat? Or do you have to make all of them operate in the same way on the same system/app/account?

  • I read on another thread here that you cannot see which rooms' smart TRV's are calling for heat unless paying for a Tado subscription? Surely this isn't the case? The thread mentioned Homekit as well so I may have misunderstood.

  • If the basic smart TRV's do not have an led display to light up then does that mean that the batteries would last a bit longer on these? Has anyone noticed the batteries last longer on the basics or no difference (or worse!?).

  • Finally, on Tado a system with Opentherm or Vaillant ebus, what happens when an individual Tado smart TRV calls for heat but the main thermostat isn't calling? Does it force the main thermostat to call and therefore speak to the boiler in Opentherm or ebus?

Thanks for your time.


  • afaik, answers to your bullets, by number.

    1. Yes. The humidity is a guide, a bit of a gimmick. Yes.
    2. iirc the basic trv can call for heat. Attach them in the app to a zone controller. It’s more basic. Look around at prices. For very similar money and ROI, personally, I’d go for the originals.
    3. Yes. You can have some ‘attached’ to a zone controller and call for heat. Others can be ‘independent’ and act like a timed trv for setting the room temperature.
    4. Incorrect. You can see the room tiles calling for heat in the app.
    5. A room calling for heat speaks to the zone controller to call the boiler for heat. In a relay version, that’s a simple ON/OFF. No idea about what the opentherm stuff would do.
  • In answer to the last part: yes, the trv tells the extension kit/wireless receiver/wired thermostat to fire the boiler, which it does using the digital protocol if it’s connected like that.
  • Great, thanks for the answers both of you! I think I'll go for the originals then.