"Wireless" involves wires, and "wired" means no wires - right?

Have I totally misunderstood? If you buy the "wired" Starter Kit, it doesn't actually include anything with any wires in. But if you buy the "wireless" Starter Kit, then it comes with a wireless receiver which you do actually wire into your boiler. Surely they've got the terms wrong - haven't they?

I bought a wired starter kit becuase, as it said on the Tado site, I was "replacing a wireless thermostat." But it's come without an extension pack, so there's no way to get it to talk to my boiler. Do I need to get a Wireless Receiver so my smart thermostate can talk to my boiler?


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    The wired starter kit comes with a smart thermostat, which can be wired in place of your existing wired thermostat. If you have a wireless thermostat or none at all you get the wireless starter kit, which comes with a wireless temperature sensor that can’t be wired in and a wireless receiver. As you were replacing a wireless thermostat you should have gone for this.
  • @Olipool23 It’s all a bit confusing when trying to figure out what is needed. Sounds like you should have gone for the ‘wireless’ starter kit? That gives you an internet dongle, receiver box to replace the control/timer for heating & HW (that connects to your wiring) and a wireless room stat.

    If you can post the components of your heating/hw: combi/system boiler, controls, zone valves, room thermostat etc, maybe with some photos, it would be help community users to offer their advice.